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We're at the forefront of ever-changing laws and regulations and fully committed to exceed client expectations.

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Energy & Equity Companies

​​We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable land solutions to E&P and Equity Investor Clients.
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2015 Kentucky Oil & Gas Regs Update

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In boom or bust, experience you can trust...

Over 5 million acres of title examined, 2 million net acres leased/bought since 2004

Have you been approached by a Landman about leasing your properties or want to know more about protecting your interests?​
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Proactively mitigating risk for our clients with integrity.

Unlike some of the Johnny-Come-Lately land brokerages out there, we've been around for both booms and busts equally. We've survived the busts by going through the booms with an eye towards  integrity and unwavering professionalism. The greatest compliments we ever receive are always reflected in the trust of our repeat clients who return to us because of prior jobs well done and brought in on time and under budget.

We understand the critical importance of complete accuracy in completing chains of title and in completing your title research proficiently and in a timely manner. Time is always of the essence to us. We don't do warm bodies and high head counts ...rest assured there is no burning daylight - and day rates-to be found when you hire us as your broker.

In addition to providing the benchmark standard in certified title abstracts, mapping and complex due diligence projects related to energy sector mergers and acquisitions, we assist our clients with virtually any type of mineral and petroleum land work you may require.

Adkins & Associates Land Services veteran Due Diligence team is comprised of experienced industry professionals cross-trained across multiple disciplines in lease, title, documents and database management, and operations/production review. Depending on our client’s needs, we can review title provided by others and/or run all new abstracts of title, from simple 50-60 year leasehold searches or fee simple and mineral certified level title all the way back to sovereign patents in our jurisdictions.

Acquiring leasehold assets from another operator?

Performing an internal audit or review?

Need litigation or arbitration support? 

Need Land for Solar Sites?

Need Land for Stream and Wetland Credits Mitigation Banks and Conservation?

When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, farm-out or farm-in agreements, joint operating and participation agreements, Conservancy Easements and much more, our veteran Due Diligence team is extremely versatile and prides itself on strict attention to the most minute details provided with quick turnaround times to meet your specific closing requirements. With Adkins & Associates Land Services doing your due diligence you can have the best of both worlds!

                                                                                                         Our Due Diligence services at a glance:

                                                                 -Confirmation of all tendered payments (bonus, rentals, royalties, and shut-ins)
                                                                 -Mineral and leasehold title validation
                                                                 -Tax, lien, judgment and encumbrance checks
                                                                  -Review of WI, NRI, ORRI and all assignments
                                                                 -Identification of any and all defects associated with the lease and title
                                                                 -Curative requirement identification and fulfillment
                                                                 -Reviewing Division Orders
                                                                 -Well and production research
                                                                 -Reviewing HBP status and confirming continuous production or shut-in payments
                                                                 -Lease provision summarization and obligation review
                                                                 -Preparation of exhibits for closing documents

                                                                 -Access to the best legal representation available through our established attorney network

Throw us your most complicated challenges, we can handle it. Chances are we've been there and done that previously... and probably already have an effective curative remedy at hand when you most need it.